Lets Get Started

To begin creation of your website, you first need to follow three simple steps. Choose a template, pick your colors/design, and finally choose your content/pages.

Choose Template

Choosing a template is probably the most important and time consuming part of building a website. I highly suggest paying for a premium theme as they allow for more customization on colors, layout, headers, etc. To search for a theme, please visit WordPress or Creative Market.

Choose Design

Now it's time to pick your colors and design. Do you have a theme that you like? How about a favorite color or symbol? Have you seen a site that you like before? With the help of our graphic design artist, Niki Ellis, we will create the perfect look that you are guaranteed to love.

Choose Content

Now for the final stages of site design. The content. Your initial site will include 5 pages, including the home page. Some suggestion are books, coming soon, blog, news, contact, about, and appearances but feel free to choose any you would like.

The first stage of design takes approximately 7-14 business days including addition of page information.  Once the initial build is done, we'll work together to adjust things so it's the perfect representation of you.

Pricing -------

Pricing depends on size and complexity of the website. Contact me for more information.

Final pricing will include all images created by Niki Ellis Design.